New car loan

To get the car of your dream.


We have a variety of plans to meet the needs of our customers, for you to enjoy a rich and comfortable car life

A plan to realize your ideal car life


1. A "residual value guaranteed loan," in which a portion of the vehicle price is set as a deferral price (residual value) in advance, and the remainder is paid in installments, greatly reducing the monthly payment.


2. An "Equal Payment Loan" that allows you to pay a fixed amount every month according to your lifestyle.



In addition to this, we offer a wide variety of loans with different payment styles to meet our customers' needs.

Please check the website of each brand for details.

All of the above types of loans may not be available for some brands.


* There are certain conditions regarding the payment month and amount. Please check with our sales staff for details.

Please click here to see the service details for each brand.