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Regarding Cookie

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that can identify your browser and store your browsing history along with other information. Some of our websites may send cookies to your browser to enhance your experience on our websites. However, the information attached to the cookie (hereinafter referred to as "cookie information") does not contain any personally identifiable information, nor is it linked to any personally identifiable information.


Some of the Company's websites outsource the distribution of advertisements to third-party companies, which may acquire cookie information from your browser. In such cases, the cookie information does not contain any personally identifiable information, but other handling of the information is subject to the privacy policy, etc. of the third-party company concerned, and does not apply to this Privacy Policy.


You can set your computer to refuse to accept cookies or to send cookie information (for details on how to set your browser to refuse cookies, please refer to the help section of your browser), but please note that doing so may limit your ability to use some of the services on our website.