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Enjoy driving with peace of mind. 


Branded Motor Insurance is designed to provide you with quality service and support when you need it the most.



Value of Branded Motor Insurance



1.  Branded Motor Insurance includes premium care, covering the damages to windshields, tires, and side mirrors.*1  Provides solid protection to keep your vehicle with the best condition. By using premium care, the non-fleet grade is not affected either. 


2. In case of the accident or car trouble, highly-experienced staff will provide you support through an exclusive call center. The call center will be open 24-7-365.


3. We also offer a "long-term installment settlement plan" with an insurance period of several years.*2



*1 In the case of motorcycle insurance, the premium ride compensation coverage will be the tire puncture compensation service. 

*2  We do not offer long-term installment settlement plans for the motorcycle insurance. 


Please visit here to see the service details for each brand.