We offer new and used car loans and leases, owner's auto insurance and branded credit cards to customers purchasing Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati. We also provide financing products, vehicle sales support systems, and mobility services to improve the management efficiency of authorized dealers. Through the provision of these financial products and services, we are contributing to the expansion of automobile sales volume and market share in the domestic market, as well as to the expansion of existing customers and the enhancement of brand loyalty.

Role by unit


The Marketing Division has three units: the Digital & Mobility Solution Unit, the Brand Promotion Unit, and the Loyalty Management Unit.

The following are the roles and appealing points of each unit.


Digital & Mobility Solution Unit:

We will lead and manage projects in all phases from planning, implementation and operation of digital marketing and nurturing measures and customer loyalty enhancement programs based on customer and contact history and vehicle data from the vehicle sales and CRM system we provide. We also provide support for the improvement and operation of CRM systems that are closely related to the sales and after-sales processes of dealers.


We will also improve the UX of our customers online, and devise and implement car life businesses that are easy and convenient for our customers. As electric vehicles become more widespread in the future, we will support a variety of service and infrastructure businesses related to digital devices of cars.


Attractiveness of Digital & Mobility Solution Unit

The automotive industry is going through a period of great transformation. Automobiles are one of Japan's key industries, and we think it is very attractive to be able to break away from the conventional automobile sales process and lead and implement the challenge of the mobility business.

When we plan a new business, we try to grasp the whole picture from a management perspective, and proceed with it not only by considering what we want to achieve, but also the risks involved in operating the business, keeping in mind the sustainability and profitability of the business.


We would like to contribute as much as we can as a member of creating the future of the automotive industry with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Brand Promotion Unit


We are building a system that provides authorized dealers with the ease of selling cars and customers with the ease of buying cars, and that allows customers to continue to purchase cars from each brand. Specifically, we work together with each importer to develop and implement measures in accordance with the annual sales plan and to plan products to achieve efficient sales using financing products. To this end, we are working closely with each of our importers (Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati) to develop sales promotion activities.


Attractiveness of Brand Promotion Unit

We think the appeal of the company lies in the speed with which it implements quarterly campaigns and the immediate response to sales promotions and new products from customers and the sales floor. In addition to short-term measures to increase sales volume, we also need to take a medium- to long-term perspective in creating a system for sales and product development. The appeal of the Brand Promotion Unit is that you can experience the real thrill of creating a system that will become the foundation for future sales, while thinking of immediate measures and seeing direct responses.

Loyalty Management Unit


The mission of this unit is to strengthen trust with customers through product planning and sales promotion of products such as automobile insurance, extended warranty, service and maintenance, dealer finance products, credit cards, etc., development and operation of training programs for authorized dealers, and customer communication.


Attractiveness of Loyalty Management Unit

It’s a very attractive environment where you can be involved in the entire process, from the upstream phases such as strategic planning and project planning to the downstream phases such as sales promotion and process management. It's hard to find an environment where you can work with a sense of speed and responsibility in a small group of elite members. As a member of the Volkswagen Group, you will be able to experience the great impact your work has on the business.


H.S., Marketing Division.

I think it is a very flexible company to work for. When I had my second child, I took about a month of child care leave. The members in other departments were very supportive, and we were able to proceed with our project without delay. Regardless of age or position, I feel that we are in an environment where we can always discuss things in a flat manner. There are several in-house club activities, and the environment is conducive to communication even outside the office. The company also supports this. I'm signed up for 4 activities, and I think one of the characteristics of VFJ is that there are quite a few people besides me who want to communicate with people from other departments outside the office in each of the club activities.


T.K., Marketing Division

I think most of the people are friendly, partly because the organization is made up of people with various backgrounds. I had no experience in the automotive industry, but I think it was the support of the people around me that helped me get used to the atmosphere of the company as soon as I joined. In addition, in an environment that accepts new things and supports those who take on challenges, it is possible to create your own field of activity.


T.O., Marketing Division

I have been developing new products and planning industry-first measures, and even if there is a possibility of failure, as long as you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, you will be allowed to try new things. Planning a project from scratch can be a challenge, but working with experts in each department to launch and promote the product is so rewarding that it more than makes up for the hardships. It is a very rewarding environment for those who want to work on their own initiative.


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