Area Manager (Sales) 


Our Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, a German company responsible for financial services for the Volkswagen brands globally.


We offer new and used car loans and leases, owner's auto insurance and branded credit cards to customers who purchase Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati. We also provide financing products, vehicle sales support systems, and mobility services to improve the management efficiency of authorized dealers.

You will be responsible for making proposals to maximize sales and profits of authorized dealers in your area through the financial products and sales support systems provided by our company, as well as providing sales training beyond the financial framework to dealer sales staff. The area manager's main mission is to create an environment that is "easy to buy" for customers and "easy to sell" for dealership salespeople by making the most of the company's products and tools that can be provided and by using his or her own sales skills.


We visit only within the network of the brands we handle, so there is no need for walk in sales into new markets. This is a job where you will oversee an area of an authorized dealership, building solid relationships over the medium to long term and conducting consulting sales. You will play an active role in a wide range of activities as a financial specialist, from planning to proposal and implementation of sales-related measures.


This is a very challenging position where you have a lot of discretion to make your own sales plan and execute it. You will be in charge of an entire area, and will also be involved in sales activities for the management of authorized dealers, so you will be able to hone your management perspective. In addition, since you will be working at the forefront of our business, there are various possibilities for career advancement depending on your own will. In addition, we offer a full support system to help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to advance your career, and to further your education and self-development.


In daily telephone and video conferences and monthly sales meetings (where area managers from all over Japan gather at the Tokyo head office), we closely coordinate information with senior and fellow area managers and related departments to create an environment that facilitates sales activities.


Many of the area managers currently working for us have changed jobs from different industries (other than the automotive and financial industries). After joining the company, you will be assigned to the Tokyo Head Office where you will receive thorough training over a period of time, so please do not worry if you do not have any experience.



Voice of Sales A

I joined the company as an area manager, and am now in-charge of sales promotion, mainly developing strategies to promote our products and services. In addition to deciding on external sales policies, the work includes strategy development and business improvement to motivate area managers who actually do the sales in the field. Sales promotion is not a job that can be completed only within the sales department, so collaboration with people from various departments is essential.

VFJ is an environment where people can express their opinions regardless of age, position, or department, and in a good sense, we can work freely at our own discretion toward our goals without being bound by rigid rules.

The company provides support for club activities and other opportunities for communication outside of work, and many employees have private relationships.

I believe that the transparent and open environment is the driving force behind VFJ.


Voice of Sales B

I also changed jobs two years ago from another industry and was worried at first, but the whole company had a homey feel to it and it made me feel at home right away.

As an area manager, it is important to have connections with people outside the company, but it is also very important to work closely with people inside the company. It is a company where you can share a sense of accomplishment with the entire company, and where you can overcome obstacles that you cannot overcome by yourself with the support of other departments and senior staff.


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